OVCode Airdrop: Get 10 OVC Tokens Now

What is OVCode Airdrop?

OVCODE is a blockchain-based verification solution for digital, intangible, and physical assets. The product enables account management and offers a business mode that allows to create sub-admins and users. Each active account has a wallet to pay for OVCODE transactions. The solution has an open API to for developers.
The team is issuing an ERC20 OVCoin that will be the only payment means on the platform. It will be used for asset registration, OVCODE blockchain publishing, verification, advertising.
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OVCode Airdrop Instruction

  • Visit the OVCode Airdrop Page
  • If you don't have LAToken Wallet Create now
  • Verify your Email, login to your LAToken account, go to "Account" and apply for Tier 2 verification.
  • Join the OVCode Telegram group
  • Follow OVCode on Twitter
  • Login to the social widget on the Airdrop Page.
  • Tweet about the giveaway using the social widget.
  • Submit your details into the social widget.
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