Cryptoveno Airdrop

What is Cryptoveno?

Cryptoveno - Digital Currency & Blockchain Technology Build up mobile peer-to-peer that is used to secure transactions payments from one user to another on a decentralized network. Get 100,000 VENO for every users & each 10000 for refer your friend.
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Cryptoveno Airdrop Instruction

  • Start the Telegram bot
  • Join their Telegram Group, their announcement channel and their sponser channel (Mandatory: 50000 VENO)
  • Follow them on twitter, retweet the pinned tweet and tag 5 of your friends. (Optional: 20000 VENO)
  • Follow and like their facebook page. (Optional: 15000 VENO)
  • Follow them on Medium (Optional: 15000 VENO)
  • Submit your details to the bot.

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