Byteball airdrop

New Airdrop: Byteball

Total reward: 12$ worth of BYTES tokens

Download the Byteball iOS or Android wallet

Byteball is traded on Bittrex
  • After the installation click on "Chat", choose "Bot Store" and click "Real name attestation bot" to perform your KYC
  • Click the 3 dotted button and choose "Insert my address". Press the send button, choose "private" and press the send button again.
  • Enter the code KYNB7Q3Z262WF and press the send button.
  • Click on the blue text block to sign the address.
  • Click "SIGN" and the send button once again.
  • Click the blue link; follow the instructions to perform your KYC.
  • Afterwards the bot will ask you to donate the 12$, press "No".
  • Lastly join their Telegram group
You can also find a detailed tutorial here

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